The school seeks to raise the students’ awareness of national and international affairs. Our student body is rainbow of different cultures. We celebrate our diversity yet our roots are deeply embedded in the rich Indian Heritage. Our children experience the real essence of Indian culture through enthusiastic celebration of the major festivals like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Gurupurabs & Eid etc. & renew their pride in being Indian on Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day & Children’s Day Celebrations.

The House System
The School is divided into Four Houses (1) TaksShila (2) Indraprastha (3) Nalanda (4) Shanti Niketan. Each House works under a House In-charge and has its own prefects and House Captains who are responsible for the tone of discipline in that House. The children are assigned houses and within the houses the older children are expected to accept considerable responsibility. All competitions in games and co-curricular activities are held on the house basis.

The Student Body
Social responsibility, leadership & team work are best learnt through active participation of students selected after a careful scrutiny of their school records. Outstanding students are appointed as the members of students  body and are entrusted with various responsibilities.

Weekly House Activities
School organizes weekly inter house competition. It develops a sense of competition among the students. They also develop a thinking of responsibility in them.

Pre Primary wing has been developed on the concept of play way schools. School provides a play room for nursery and kindergarten classes. School also has a fully developed children park. Refreshment is distributed in the afternoon to the pre primary students. Poem recitation and pronunciation drill is given with the help of audio  video aids. Kids have been provided Air-Cooled classrooms.